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The dessert for almost all wedding receptions in Surabaya is always iced almond pudding with lychee. This inspired me to make a lychee cake. This light & fresh cake, full of lychee flavor with a hint of caramel, will keep you drooling for more.
IDR 25 - IDR 720

Darren's Greenies
My 2 years old nephew's Darren doesn't want to eat anything green. We have tried to teach him to eat vegetables which most are green colour. I decided to create a green cake from Matcha (green tea from Japan) and decorate the cake like broccoli. We try to teach him that broccoli is green and good. Here you go Darren, green is so yummy. Bingo !!!!….Darren loves this green cake and I am sure that you will fall in love with this cake too.
IDR 18 - IDR 1,500

Hazelnut Cheese Dream
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Shocky Shocky
I once had this iced lemon soda when touring Europe. It was just lemon with crushed fresh basil leaves and soda. Interesting, I thought. You won’t believe the expression on my sister’s face the first time she tasted this cake. He he he he  J  Indeed, it is a shocking cake that makes you say WOW.  It just melts in your mouth but at the same time, will boost the inner energy.
IDR 18 - IDR 720

Growing up in Surabaya, I was only exposed to “salty” cheddar and parmesan cheese. The first time I tasted a cheesecake was during my high school time at Ms. McQueen’s birthday. I fell in love right away. I never thought a cheesecake can taste sweet, salty, creamy and so smooth.  My version less dense but I am sure most of you will like it a lot. By the way, I also found out that New York is not the origin of cheesecake. It was invented 4,000 years ago in Greece.
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Everyone knows Tiramisu, a legend and famous dessert from the land of Don Corleone. Many people have made different interpretations and expressions of it. I make this deep dish style tiramisu that is very common in Italian households as a remedy for a hangover. It is rich, liquorish, with special blended coffee that will cure even the worst hangover.  Try a scoop of this deep dish tiramisu, you won’t stop until the dish is empty.
IDR 18 - IDR 380

A Piece of Hanoi
I want to make a lighter cake for those who do not like a dense, thick chocolate cake. I use Kumquat to soften the chocolate taste.  Do you know what Kumquat is? It is a small citrus fruit that looks like a small orange and mostly available in Asian or subtropical countries. This cake is a fusion cake using Meihwa Kumquat from Hanoi and I blend it with Belgium Chocolate to form a lighter chocolate cake. It is just simply irresistible!
IDR 25 - IDR 745

Najela's Favorite
There was this Afghanistan restaurant that I used to go to every single weekend in Fremont. I always craved their dessert which has rose water and pistachio nuts in it.  Ooouuww so good. My interpretation of this cake is solely to satisfy my craving in the beginning. Now I want to share this delight with all of you.
IDR 18 - IDR 1,500

Death by Chocolate
My friend Jacob, the founder of Sugar CRM software in Silicon Valley, California, has gluten allergy. It is a genetic allergy from which his whole family has suffered for many generations. I made him a flourless chocolate cake that can be enjoyed by his family and friends during his birthday. Since then, I got a lot of orders for this cake even from people who are not allergic to gluten. Yes…., it is so good that once you eat it, the sinful chocolate devil will haunt you till you die.
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Madly in Love
When we were in the US, my sister always did the grocery shopping. Guess what? She never missed to bring home the Rum Raisin Ice Cream (2 pints at least). Well, each time they lasted only for 2-3 days. She is just madly in love with rum raisin flavor until today. I re-create the classic cake with rum raisin taste so she can always have her favorite dessert in the refrigerator. Hope she loves me more and more too…..…., l love you sista.
IDR 0 - IDR 1,500