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baking since 2005

Specializes in pastries and sweets!

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Italian snack!  This bread stick can be hard to resist sometimes.     This item is shipped to all Indonesia    
IDR 45 - IDR 60

Guava Roll
IDR 0 - IDR 10

Hazelnut Cheese Dream
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Healthy Seeds
IDR 42 - IDR 55

Lemon Basil Pie
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Nihon No Chizukeki
IDR 18 - IDR 380

Oats Cranberry
IDR 42 - IDR 55

Orange Ginger
IDR 42 - IDR 55

Red Velvet
IDR 0 - IDR 500

Steve Job's Masterpiece
Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? The inventor of Apple products! One of the most respected individuals who creates technological breakthroughs. I named my apple tart to honor his amazing creations. However, my apples are not from Silicon Valley, California, but they are from home grown local farmers in Batu, Malang.  I hope this amazing apple tart can earn two tumbs up like yours, Steve.  Kudos Steve Jobs!
IDR 18 - IDR 380