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About Us

They say "Life is full of surprises" but I actually have only a handful of those. My one and only sister May however, is proof that life is full of paradoxes.

I never imagined May to spend a second in the kitchen, in contrast to what I enjoyed doing in Surabaya back in the late 80's. I really valued the time I spent with my mom, helping her cook in the kitchen whilst May was always busy with non kitchen related stuffs.

Faith and my persistence brought May to San Francisco where I was just graduating from UC Berkeley. She was only 14 then. The main reasons were to find the best possible medical treatment for her and to continue her education.

After high school, I persuaded her to enroll at California Culinary Academy in San Francisco where she graduated with honors as Cook (French) and Bakery/Pastry Chef. She worked at Maison Akira, a French and Japanese fusion restaurant in Los Angeles; Westin Bonaventura hotel in Los Angeles; and Ritz Carlton hotel in San Francisco as Pastry Chef in charge of creating and producing the hotel pastries.

Our dad's passing in 2003 brought us back to Indonesia to start a new life & a new challenge with our lovely mom. May started cooking and baking in Surabaya, initially only for relatives and friends who eventually convinced her to do it commercially for public. That’s how May and I started Sugabites in 2005.

In retrospect, I believe that with faith, courage, and the right support, we can do almost anything and succeed. May has grown up well and I am no longer surprised that she can create such wonderful cakes pastries. She draws from her real life experiences to create the cakes, which make them quite unique.

We look forward to your support for Sugabites Patisserie and hope that you enjoy the story behind each cake as well their wonderful flavors and tastes.

~ Fanda Soesilo